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In case you missed it, I have a web links blog integrated into this one. On the home page, just click the “show daily links blog” link and it will drop down for you to enjoy plenty of weird-ass reading on the Web. It will also give you a reason to visit more often even if I’m not writing longer articles.
(Oh, and for the family and friends reading this, don’t forget that 30 November is my birthday. My Amazon wish list is here, but feel free to surprise me with a BMW M5.)

7 thoughts to “Links blog”

  1. Amazon Wish List

    I’m going to follow Madhu’s excellent example. My birthday may be five months away, but hey, you don’t need an excuse to gift me a book from my Amazon Wish List….

  2. Maybe, you could have the link blog visible all the time. Say placing it in the right side column (or creating a seperate column on the right side of the content) would make it more obviously visible.

  3. hey madhu…how come YOur blog is not linked on…i’ve been a regular there, but this blog i chanced upon by sheer accident!
    PS: I HAD to add the YO after readinG YOur note! 🙁

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