Hello there.

From time to time, I like to do “Ask The Chef” Q&A sessions on Twitter. In case you don’t already follow me there, I’m @madmanweb. The format runs like this: for a given period that I will announce on my Twitter account (usually one hour once a week), you can ask me cookery-related questions and I will try my best to answer them all. Just tag your questions with #AskChef and I will reply.

The current schedule for #AskChef is every Thursday from 3-4 PM, IST. 

How is this different from tweeting to me at other times, you ask? Well, this is time I specifically allocate to answer questions, so I’m not in the middle of something else and there’s a much better chance that I will reply.

And if you don’t have a cookery question, tell someone else who might have one about #AskChef. I will Storify the Q&A and post links on Twitter.

Here’s the not-so-fine print:

1) I’m human and I don’t know everything about every cuisine and cookery-related topic, so please forgive me if I can’t answer a particular question. (I am specifically not a pastry chef, so tougher baking-related queries might deflected to someone like my friend Kishi Arora.)

2) Please don’t ask me about stuff that Google will happily answer. (E.g., “what is XYZ?”)

3) Please don’t ask me for recipes. One, they’re not suited for a 140-character format. Two, I’m unlikely to scour thousands of pages on the Web to find you a recipe that I like.

4) Questions pertaining to cooking technique or specific problems are the best candidates. Questions like “do you have any tips for XYZ?” or “where can I buy XYZ?” are not.

5) I will try to answer all the questions that I can, but please pick only one or two questions each. I’d like to help as many people as I can. 🙂

6) If I’ve already written about your something in one of my columns for Mint, I might give you a URL to it.