New mailing list for food lovers

Lavannya has started a new mailing list for food lovers. I’m copying and pasting her announcement:

Just started a new Yahoo group for all food lovers in India…

I finally thought we need a proper discussion platform for our palate. Lets bring together our common love for food.

Come join this group and lets discuss recipes, tips, eating places, in Bangalore and beyond.

Let us all get together…. and vent out all our food thoughts and ideas. Lets share our experiences with food, our likings and dislikes.

All are welcome – the excellent chefs and the beginners, the new wives and the bachelors who are tired of eating
Maggi and puffs everyday… those who want to cook a quick and healthy meal and those who want to make an elaborate menu as a treat.. those who hate to eat out and those who just love restaurant hopping..

Lets all pour out our ideas and knowledge… and we can have some experts and absolute novices all exchanging thoughts.

So if you’re interested in food, please do join.

Click here to join chilliesandchutney
Click to join chilliesandchutney

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  1. 🙂 (real big smile) i was just about to ask you your birthdate… i should’ve known better than asking (in my mind that is) that you are a saggitariun….
    be careful ..coz i usually have problems with saggis…the only thing we have in common is our Frankness!! 🙂

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