Off on holiday

Hola, amigos!
I’m taking a well-deserved break from all my cooking and heading off on holiday for a couple of weeks. The first week will be in sunny Mauritius (well, it’s winter there so not terribly sunny) after which I will be in Mumbai for a friend’s wedding from 25-28 June. Any of you Mumbai libertarians who want to meet up should please leave a comment so I can ping you. Oh, and some contact info would help too. 🙂
I know this blog’s been rotting away for a bit, but I’ve been posting a few things on the more widely-read AnarCapLib aka Yazad’s site. Here they are:
Introduction to logical fallacies and critical thinking
Reservations – the economy ain’t safe yet
Other stuff I’ve written for (older stuff; and sorry, the site sucks):
A scathing review of the TV Channel Zee English
A thumbs-down for Hathway the Cable Internet service
I’ll see you folks in a couple of weeks. Till then, let’s see who steps up to uphold fairness, justice, and logic in the blogosphere. 😉

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