A small interruption

I’ve temporarily removed the previous post about Indiatimes spam because the screenshots were breaking the layout in lower resolutions (damn this CSS layout stuff!). Yes, you losers who haven’t upgraded to a 17″ monitor and still run at 800*600 resolution have made me do this. 🙂
There are also a couple of minor layout issues that I’ll get around to fixing soon. So if something looks screwed up, mail me at blog AT madmanweb DOT com and let me know.

6 thoughts to “A small interruption”

  1. Oh my, I was wondering when somebody would point out that my HTML isn’t validating any more.
    Anyway, those aren’t life-threatening. (one P tag open or one ALT attribute missing doesn’t blow up stuff) The problems I have are browser-specific, which I’ll get to when I’m not so tired. Or I might decide that IE5 users be damned. Hell, it’s my personal site.

  2. Humm… a good developer always take care of all the types of PC users! :-).
    Jokes aside, your blog is neat it does not look cluttered.

  3. Yes! The luddites win again! Wait till we launch the attack of the web-safe palette!
    And while we are at it, can we get some disabled people in here to fisk those javascript thingumajigs?
    Shouldn’t your “Daily links” blog have a “New” indicator, so us lazy asses can see if you (a fellow lazy ass at updating) have added anything new?
    And why do “Who is MadMan?” and “Send me email”, two links which work differently, look the same? Comrade! You vill hav to answer to court of the people, da?!

  4. hiyaa..firstly – read ur “who is madman” page. am impressed!! mite ask u for some encouragement IF i wanna try to make it on my own in the future (been contemplating this). 😀
    ps – dont worry – not in the resto business 😛

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