…and another year passes

Oh boy, is it that time already? (Sigh) Yes, it is.
And so, ladies and gentlemen, MadMan turns 29 this day. Thank you in advance for buying me that BMW. I really appreciate it.
I think I shall spend the day doing something different. Yes, today I will be crankier than my normal self. 🙂
And I will take myself out to a special dinner at my own restaurant.

22 thoughts to “…and another year passes”

  1. Happy B’day Madhu. I came to know about your site from Kiruba (He knows me as Lakme from Boat Club). I’ve been following your blog with keen interest. I really enjoy your style of writing. Refreshingly different from the usual stuff. Genuinely funny too.
    Good luck and best wishes.
    Trinath from LA

  2. Hey,
    Belated Happy Birthday!!
    (I know it’s really late but I started visiting your blog only recently..)
    Guess who else was born on the same day?!?!!
    You’re the 4th/5th person I know of, who was born on Nov. 30th. Looks like people have a lot of ‘enthu’ during Feb-end/early-March period 🙂

  3. No Virginia, there isn’t a Chinese Gobi Manchurian.
    Hey, there is, I swear! I asked the authentic “Chineese” stand near the end of the road. 🙂

  4. oye, happy belated birthday. How did the date with yourself go? Did you behave with yourself? Did you get slapped by you? Ok, me is getting carried away as usual.
    I hate that spam filter on your comment thing. Makes it doubly hard to leave a decent comment. I make exceptions on birthdays.

  5. Madman,
    Happy Birthday…Discovered ur blog today…Was thoroughly entertained…
    Keep the Spirits Flowing !!!

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