Fixing comment spam problems

So both Anita and Yazad were facing serious comment spam problems. Depending on your level of nerdiness, you can implement many solutions.

What I did for them is described by Shelley Powers over here. Give it a shot. It’s not that hard. The only downside is that if you’re running multiple blogs on your MT installation, you’ll have to edit the templates for all of them or comments will not work for the other blogs.
(And before you ask, no, I will not implement it for your blog too. I already provide too much tech support without any credit.)

A simpler, but slightly less effective, solution is to have a script that turns off comments on all entries older than X days, where X should be a reasonable number like 14 or 30. A script for that can be found on Geeksblog.

A still simpler solution is to make the “Comments (X)” link go to the individual entry instead of the comments page. People will be able to leave comments, but spambots will probably not figure it out. I leave it to the reader to look through the MT documentation on how to do this. It’s just changing one tag, that’s all.

Incidentally, my restaurant web site (complete with its own chef’s blog) has just launched in its Beta version. The URL is
Some more content will also be added shortly. Sign up for the updates if you want to be informed of new articles (approximately twice a week frequency is planned.)
Your comments are welcome. But if anyone says, “page doesn’t validate” or some such crap, I will feed you a knuckle sandwich.
(Tested with Firefox and IE. I don’t use Opera, and I don’t have a Mac. I don’t care if you use either.)

Update: Head on over to Kiruba’s site and tell me if you spot the speed difference in loading. Something has definitely changed. I’ll write more about it. later.

13 thoughts to “Fixing comment spam problems”

  1. Why does your comment code dsiplay the IP address of the commenter? You are free to have it for security reasons, but I’m not to keen on having it displayed for janata viewing.

  2. Why does your comment code dsiplay the IP address of the commenter?
    Because pointing a gun in your face is more of a scare than saying “I’ve got a gun in my pocket” 🙂
    I never get any asshats commenting because of that deterrent 😉

  3. Comment spam is something that cannot be avoided completely. Paraphrasing a witty aphorism, ‘Make your blog spam-proof and someone will come up with a better (worse?) spamming technique’. All we’re trying to do is tend towards perfection.
    In my opinion (midway down the nerd quotient scale), the best option is to use a combination of about 2-3 anti-spamming schemes with each one trying to address a different aspect of comment spam i.e. turn off comments on old posts to prevent spam on old posts… use of blacklist/bayesian filters to limit spam on newer posts… comment moderation (only on sites with limited traffic) to block manual spammers, etc.

  4. Thanks Mate.. I have been having this problem with the spams with all those enhancer tags & what not..was just wondering how to tackle it. This look very usefull will try it out. And yes when I get to Banglore next time around I am going to come and dine on all the goodies you mention on here. I am such a fooodie….. OK OK i wont use THAT word. took me like 30 mins to post this comment because of the filtering .

  5. I like the stuff about using proper English.. good on ya! By the way nice name for a restaurant… since i am from singy (s’pore) the name caught my eye (attention?)… good luck with it hor… err that’s something we use a lot of in these parts!

  6. Mads, have I thanked you lately? Though the problem keeps reappearing through manual spamming, I think. But the situation has changed quite a bit.
    And thanks for the comment Yazad, I think that about sums it 🙂

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