Off to Singapore

I will be visiting Singapore from 29 March to 04 April, thanks to Indian Airlines’ low fare. I would love to meet fellow atheist libertarian capitalist bloggers while I’m there. And even if you’re a little less libertarian, atheist, or capitalist than I am, it might still work. 😉
People I intend to meet:
Nitin Pai
Anyone else in the neighbourhood who wouldn’t mind sharing a jumbo Sri Lankan Chilli Crab at Jumbo Restaurant in East Coast Seafood Center? Use the form on the right and drop me a line, lah!

12 thoughts to “Off to Singapore”

  1. >>meet fellow atheist libertarian capitalist
    I wonder which category I fall in?
    Jumbo Seafood Restaurant – I wondered if you had heard of it 🙂 I had one nightmarish experience there, during my days of vegetarianism.

  2. I wonder which category I fall in?
    You tell me. Take the test.
    Jumbo Seafood Restaurant – I wondered if you had heard of it 🙂
    Dude, this is not my first visit to Singapore. I’m fairly familiar with the place. 😉

  3. Hmph I bet you keep telling everyone you are going for “research”. Still led by your tummy eh bro?

  4. Carnival of the godless #9

    Easter is a special time for the godless. We are reminded of the ridiculous idea that a god who loves all of mankind (for reasons unclear) and is entirely omnipotent requires his own son to die for the aforesaid mankind’s sins. Erm. Couldn&#821…

  5. Weird, it shows me being lot more to the left that I thought I was! Left wing libertarian….hmmm

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