Blog Mela: Call for entries #2

Ladies and gentlemen, our beloved Yazad Jal, who blames the viruses for his inability to post his Blog Mela on time, has now created a cascading wave of schedule changes to the darn Mela (I think I won’t use the word “tsunami” at the moment.) Since his mela was a week late, my Christmas edition shall now be the New Year edition Blog Mela (apologies to Nilesh.)
I’m sure you’re familiar with the rules, but here we go anyway:

  1. Posts must either be made by Indians or must focus on India or Indians.
  2. Post permalinks to the individual blog entries, not the blog URL. If the permalink is not working, post the title and date of the blog entry.
  3. You can nominate your own posts or someone else’s
  4. You can submit any type of posts except personal journal entries. I am serious about this.
  5. The entries have to be dated between December 26-31.
  6. Last date for submission of entries is 01 January 2005.
  7. My own little rule: Entries written in SMS-lingo will not be considered, no matter how insightful.

C’mon folks, shake off that holiday lethargy and write something interesting.
The last mela was held at AnarCapLib and the next one will be at Nilesh’s weblog.

15 thoughts to “Blog Mela: Call for entries #2”

  1. Blog Mela (at last!)

    We may be at the end of the year, but this mela is largely about the beginning of the alphabet. A for Atul Arora. As he was the first in the fray, go on and read about his poor dog,…

  2. The nth Bharateeya Blog Mela

    Update(21:00): Due to cascading reasons, the nth Blog Mela has been postponed to the (n+1)th Blog Mela. I mean Madhu is hosting the current Blogmela and I’ll host the next one on 7th January….

  3. HI,
    this is totally off the subject but would like to request for your help in any way possible .. check my post and please spread the word… thanks a lot Madhu…

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