GMail down: yes, it does happen

This, kids, is why you should never use Beta software for anything critical. Not even if it’s good ol’ Google.

Gmail down screenshot

Thankfully, I have three separate backup email addresses, all on different
domains. It is very unlikely that all of them will be down at the same
time so I’m generally reachable at all times.

Update (16 November): To the scumbag who’s trying to guess my GMail password and clicking the “forgot password” link so many times – give up, doofus! I used to be a sysadmin, so my passwords all look like “rj87iy90l” and I can actually remember them.

8 thoughts to “GMail down: yes, it does happen”

  1. Large webmail boxes are good only for one thing – collecting p0rn 😉
    I have seen this before and I am sure we will see it more, that said, there is NO web mail service where I have not seen a similar notice – why single out GMail?

  2. ok i never faced this problem but the service being beta its considerable… heck even Yahoo gives me wierd messages.. sometimes … LOLOL

  3. Gmail is also so transparent. Depending on the mail, you get ads on the right. I was looking at the Shiok newsletter, and to the right there was ads on different kinds of cuisine.
    Then I checked out some other emails as well.
    Wierd I thought!

  4. Gmail rocks turds dude. Kepone is a super ghost who drinks lots of beer and is super intelligent.
    Rock on!

  5. gmail is acting like yahoomail the past few days…today it is 349pm and i still havent been able to log on. it has been like this for 34+ hours.
    thanks alot sergei!!! worthless piece of shi@@@@!!!

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