Blog Mela: Call for entries

Come one, come all to the next weekly Blog Mela, showcasing interesting writing from around the Indian blogosphere. This is your chance to nominate your Booker Prize winning, Arundhati Roy busting, golden prose. And even if the Booker is in your dreams, you can still find a place here. 🙂
Here are the rules:
a) Either you or your blog entry must have something to do with India. The entry must be made between 8 October and 14 October.
b) Don’t bother with the personal posts. We won’t carry them.
c) Send me a cheque for $10 as a nomination fee.
If I’m in a good mood, I might even waive the $10. Who knows…
The Mela will be posted on 14 October for the world to see. Post your nominations as a comment or send me a mail at madman AT madmanweb dot com.

13 thoughts to “Blog Mela: Call for entries”

  1. Flog That Blog!

    Extremely tickled about how personal publishing is so-to-say coming into the mainstream. Speaking for myself, the blogging phenomenon (heehee, couldn’t resist that pun!) has got me back onto the WWW, had pretty much stopped browsing otherwise. I must c…

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  3. I am nominating myself,It doesnt have to do much with india,except that it was written by an Indian.

  4. Mela is Back

    The Bharteeya Blog Mela, which I will be hosting on November 18th, is currently hosted at MadMan’s blog. Drop in your nominations there or go to Shanti’s blog if you want to host one of the Melas. Apart from the

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