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Of new restaurants and restaurant critics

Vikram Doctor points me to an interesting couple of blogs posts, one from a restaurant chef, and the other from a restaurant reviewer. The first post is by Alex Sanchez, a young chef from the US who’s now cooking at … Continue reading

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Book Tag

Yazad tagged me with this book meme that’s actually hopped from LiveJournal to the "other" blog world. Sorry, my response has been late. But getting the flu has at least one upside, and that is that you find some time … Continue reading

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Bharteeya Blog Mela – 21 April

Greetings, amigos. Please set some time aside for an eclectic selection of posts from the Indian blogosphere. This week we have 22 posts for you to sample, and as usual, I’ve taken some time to go beyond the nominated posts … Continue reading

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Blog Mela Announcement

Yes, folks, yet another Blog Mela is being hosted at MadMan’s Web. This one will be on 21 April. If you missed the last one, catch it at AnarCapLib. I’m sure you know how it all works, but here you … Continue reading

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