Big Freakin’ Flash ads considered harmful

Psst. I’d like to show you something interesting. But first, you have to do something for me. Go read this story on Don’t worry about me. I’ll be right here till you finish. Go on, read it and come back to this page. (To make sure you don’t lose track, the link will open in a new window.)

Did you read the story? No, you didn’t read it all. Go back there and do as I said. Please?

OK, now make sure that the other window is closed. 


Now let me ask you a question: what was the advertisement on the page about? You know, the big in-your-face Flash monstrosity? Didn’t you click on it?

Whaddya mean, you can’t remember? Didn’t it practically punch you in the face with its presence? It didn’t? Funny. That was one of the reasons they made it so big and made the adjacent text so hard to read. They sacrificed readability for supposedly higher click-through rates. And yet, I find anecdotal evidence that people are just going back to what they did with 468*60 banner ads – ignoring them. 

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Useful “Page not found” error pages

Ever encountered a “404 error” message on a site? Also known as a “page
not found” error, it can really annoy visitors. Some of these folks may never
return to your site. If you don’t handle these people with care, you could drive
important traffic away from your site. Now, you really don’t want to do that,
do you?

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