Mela update

Apologies for the delay in uploading the latest Mela. My official reason is that I was out today teaching a cookery class at Bangalore Club. But I’m also trying to follow Yazad’s suggestion that Mela hosts try to expand the offering beyond simply the nominated posts. I am therefore trying to read as many blogs as I can to find those hidden gems.
I should be done by noon on Saturday.
Rukawat ke liye khed hai :)

My pound of flesh

I have this funny role thrust upon me – tech support guy of Indian bloggers.
I guess it happened because I foolishly volunteered assistance to tech newbies
who wanted some guidance in getting their blogs up and running. And running. And
running some more. 


But it’s a thankless job. I work behind the scenes to help set up blogs, move to MovableType, fix broken shit, put
new designs into place, add some nifty feature, clean up HTML and CSS, and a
whole lot of other crap. I do it mostly anonymously, and more importantly, for
free. Why? I’m not even sure myself. Some freaky altruistic streak, I

Anyway, while I don’t expect money (you cheapskates!), I can at least ask for
the odd favour from you folks. I just need some help getting a decent google
pagerank for my restaurant web site, and through that, some more business, I

So here’s what I’m requesting: Please post a small blog entry on your site with
the following text:

If you’re in Bangalore, please visit Madhu’s
new restaurant, Shiok Far-eastern Cuisine
that serves good Thai, Malaysian, Indonesian, and Singaporean food. The
restaurant is on CMH Road, Indiranagar, Bangalore

To make it all very easy for you folks, you don’t even have to figure out the
HTML. Just copy and paste the following into your entry:

<p>If you’re in Bangalore, please visit <a href="">Madhu’s</a>
new restaurant, <a href="">Shiok
Far-eastern Cuisine</a> that serves good Thai, Malaysian, Indonesian, and
Singaporean food. <a href="">The
restaurant is on CMH Road, Indiranagar, Bangalore</a>.</p>

Of course, feel free to add any paeans to my tech genius in the post as well.
Though I can’t deposit compliments at the bank, it’s still a good feeling. :)

As for the people I’m talking about, here is just a selection of them. ;)







Dr. Philomena

Pleas for help also go out to All the
Cartel members,
and anyone else who is generous enough.

Thank you! I love you all!

Holiday snaps

Yes, I was away on vacation to Mauritius, and it was good fun. I’ve created a web album of snaps for you folks to check out and be envious of.
You can find it at
(Some of the pics had to be scaled down in size for the Web, hence the lower quality.)
I was also in Mumbai for a few days after that where we had a big meeting of the Libertarian Cartel High Council. Pictures of that are with Yazad, but some other pics of Mumbai as well as a Bangalore meet will be uploaded shortly have been uploaded at:
Bloggers in these photos:
Yazad Jal
Gaurav Sabnis
Amol Hatwar
Aadisht Khanna
Asli (no, it’s not his asli name. Get it?)
and I, of course.

Off on holiday

Hola, amigos!
I’m taking a well-deserved break from all my cooking and heading off on holiday for a couple of weeks. The first week will be in sunny Mauritius (well, it’s winter there so not terribly sunny) after which I will be in Mumbai for a friend’s wedding from 25-28 June. Any of you Mumbai libertarians who want to meet up should please leave a comment so I can ping you. Oh, and some contact info would help too. :)
I know this blog’s been rotting away for a bit, but I’ve been posting a few things on the more widely-read AnarCapLib aka Yazad’s site. Here they are:
Introduction to logical fallacies and critical thinking
Reservations – the economy ain’t safe yet
Other stuff I’ve written for (older stuff; and sorry, the site sucks):
A scathing review of the TV Channel Zee English
A thumbs-down for Hathway the Cable Internet service
I’ll see you folks in a couple of weeks. Till then, let’s see who steps up to uphold fairness, justice, and logic in the blogosphere. ;)

A small interruption

I’ve temporarily removed the previous post about Indiatimes spam because the screenshots were breaking the layout in lower resolutions (damn this CSS layout stuff!). Yes, you losers who haven’t upgraded to a 17″ monitor and still run at 800*600 resolution have made me do this. :)
There are also a couple of minor layout issues that I’ll get around to fixing soon. So if something looks screwed up, mail me at blog AT madmanweb DOT com and let me know.