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Indian restaurants and service charge

More and more Indian restaurants charge a “service charge” on their bills these days. It’s usually somewhere in the 5-10% range, unless you’re in Delhi, where 10% is almost standard. Being in the F&B business and having run a restaurant … Continue reading

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My Ford India road trip to Hyderabad

Greetings, citizens. This blog post is to tell you about a road trip I’m undertaking from 10-15 August, 2012, sponsored by Ford India. Since I’ll probably be posting more than a few tweets about it, I thought it would be … Continue reading

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Air India to launch new branding and ad campaign – “mother’s love” new positioning

(Special to MadMan’s Web) India’s national airline, Air India, which has long been criticized for its aging fleet and even older flight attendants, has finally got the message. In a press conference yesterday at New Delhi, Air India Chairman┬áRohit┬áNandan announced … Continue reading

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Airtel announces new Gold and Platinum support plans for customers

(Special to MadMan’s Web) Bharti Airtel Ltd., which had already declared its vision as “By 2015 airtel will be the most loved brand, enriching the lives of millions”, today announced an accelerated plan to fulfill that vision in 2013 by … Continue reading

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Of new restaurants and restaurant critics

Vikram Doctor points me to an interesting couple of blogs posts, one from a restaurant chef, and the other from a restaurant reviewer. The first post is by Alex Sanchez, a young chef from the US who’s now cooking at … Continue reading

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