Bad infrastructure saves lives: Karnataka Chief Minister

(Special to MadMan’s Web)

Karnataka Chief Minister Dharam Singh today lashed out at the media for
harping incessantly about the poor infrastructure in Bangalore. Singh said that
the media should paint a more balanced picture and not stress only the negative
of the city.

"If you believe only what you read in the papers, you will think that
people are only getting stuck in traffic jams every day. Why does nobody talk
about the reasoning behind the our potholed roads?", asked the furious
Chief Minister at a press conference today. When asked to explain, Singh said
that thanks to the potholed roads and impoverished infrastructure of the capital
city, many human lives had been saved. Referring to the recently
released statistics
that death from road accidents had gone down by 12% from 903 to
791, Singh gave credit to the poor roads and constant traffic jams in city. "You media people should put more value on human lives.
Earlier, people used to get hit by speeding vehicles. Thanks to our roads, we
have eliminated the possibility of reckless driving. Tell me, how can you hit an
innocent pedestrian or another vehicle when you’re driving on potholed roads at
20 Km/hour or if you’re caught in a traffic jam on Airport Road?", said the

Dharam Singh added that apart from the fewer accidents, inferior roads were
also an important part of stimulating the state economy because they generated
valuable jobs for the poor. He earnestly requested the middle class and
upper-middle class citizens to spare a thought for the numerous labourers and
construction workers who made their living from jobs generated by the road
repair and maintenance contracts that are being issued every year. "It is
easy for the people driving their expensive cars to complain about the state of
the roads. I ask these people to put themselves in the shoes of the poor person
who works on tarring roads. These people live a hand-to-mouth existence. If
there are no roads to repair, how will they feed their families?", asked

The CM said he would recommend the Bangalore infrastructure model to other
states as well. He said that like Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, he too believed
in infrastructure reforms "with a human face". "Like it or not,
bad infrastructure saves lives", he concluded.

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29 Responses to Bad infrastructure saves lives: Karnataka Chief Minister

  1. BangaloreGuy says:

    Maybe we can all sue him for our back problems and for suspension problems on the vehicles.
    Saying 8 million people have to suffer bad roads because a few thousand (exaggerated) people need jobs that are unskilled displays such haughtiness.
    I so hate the people who voted for Deve Gowda’s Party.

  2. silverine says:

    All I want to do is slap the man !!!

  3. Hah! We’ll be in Bangalore for the first time (well, first time to India at all) in less than 2 weeks; we’ll be prepared to be bounced around a bit!

  4. dipz says:

    man i so believe now that minsters are scum of the earth..i mean falling to this level and promoting ‘Bad infra’ as a saviour of lives is way too much.
    i’m petrified that this intelligent creature called Dharam Singh might bann usage of medicines and promote unhealthy lifestyle to counter the bulgening indian population :-)
    damn these money hogging ministers r creatures of venality and deciet….god i really hate such futile people

  5. TTG says:

    If Dharam Singh knows how to read, please send him this:

  6. jagu says:

    Hmm he sure seems to be a competition to Bushie with regards to making sweeping & incoherent statements. Good to See you back Madhu.Cheers!!

  7. Bima Dalal says:

    The latest blogger on the desi blogosphere, check out
    Rants and spits of an Insurance agent. And I don’t solicit customers. This the personal life of an agent.

  8. Ajith says:

    Excellent Post MadMan!!!
    I was joking with my friends about the same thing yesterday..

  9. salman says:

    ? do we live in the same mental sphere as this guy? bravo people ,for showing what a farce democracy can be,,and such people our legible representitives on the world front!! have fun..

  10. Ron Zeno says:

    Happy New Year, Madman! Quality satire suitable for theonion or ridiculopathy!

  11. Jayanth says:

    Utter nonsese The best way for Mr Singh to understand is we’ll ask him to stay somewhere in Whitefield and then drive down to Vidhan Soudha on his own everyday, afterall he says potholes are a good thing.

  12. Shruthi says:

    Hi… I assume that you are joking, aren’t you? :) I read the post, laughed long and hard. Then I read the comments, and felt, “Um, is this serious?”
    But no… I live in Bangalore and read the papers everyday, and such a thing, had it happened, would not have missed me!
    Anyway, good read :) – come to think of it, I would not be suprised if he really did say that ;P

  13. MadMan says:

    Shruthi, I thought the satire would be obvious, especially since the news report was “special to MadMan’s Web”. I even put a link in the comments to the satire page on Wikipedia.
    But I can’t believe how many people are taking this seriously!

  14. naveenroy says:

    Well, well…..such short-sightedness!! I really dont think that this guy is really thinking when talking….i mean, are u sure Madman, that you did not get this off Onion – the satirical online magazine???

  15. karthik says:

    Well..well..well… I dont blame Dharam singh for this. Cos he can only do what is possible for him.. We can find that he has used his brain to find an excellent excuse which cannot sound any more irresponsible. But I blame the Karnataka people for electing such a nobel Dumbass.

  16. Zeon says:

    Well..well..well… I dont blame Dharam singh for this. Cos he can only do what is possible for him.. We can find that he has used his brain to find an excellent excuse which cannot sound any more irresponsible. But I blame the Karnataka people for electing such a nobel Dumbass.

  17. pallavi says:

    Sometimes I think he is a nightmare come true.. SIGH.. heres hoping against hope that the INFRA improves..

  18. Kingsley says:

    I think naveenroy has found *the* most creative way to insult MadMan. Hey MadMan, want to look up satire on Google, the online search engine?

  19. Muthuvel says:

    The thing is that we Indians have grown up seeing utterly stupid politicians so much so that the difference between reality and satire is not even hairline thin.

  20. Rohan says:

    “If you believe only what you read in the papers, you will think that people are only getting stuck in traffic jams every day”
    thats what all of you are cribbing about..
    do all of you know that bangalore was once called a pensioners paradice.
    There are people here whov’e seen this city grow.
    don’t blame him for not providing the infrastracture for you to drive in “your hire purchase new car to work”
    all of you, right now, calculate how many billion “India” makes from IT export and then find out how much the US takes as tutuion fees from foreign students.

  21. AntiDharam says:

    I just want to kill Dharam !!

  22. vasu says:

    good read. Frankly, even I dint notice the “(special to madman’s web)” starter.
    You are guilty of subtle satire my friend. Many of us have grown up on strong stimulants and things need to be more “in your face” (a.k.a bollywood masalas and the cullinary ones)
    good one madman. You had almost everyone fooled.

  23. Dinesh says:

    If potholed roads have saved life (which is a stupid reaction itself), it has taken lives of people battling for lives in Ambulances to reach the hospitals. An asshole of a politician, good for nothing.

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  25. christina says:

    He did his best though its not his job to dealing with all kinds of pathole.

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  27. SD Paul says:

    Honorable Sir,
    Human Life is precious than any other or can be compared to cheaper than any development or material. Sir, I like to bring your notice that the present Govt have own eyes to look into the development to the state. It is clearer and seen that the present situation of road development. Many times, the case was referred to the proper channel to look into the needy place where is very essential and useable by the publics and safety their lives. But the authority is not still consider and pending. Once again it is requested that the case for fly over bridge between two bus stands near to Meckri Circle Training Command IAF and QACL complex is very essential for college and school going children. The children are compelled to cross the road to attend schools and colleges for availing the both side bus and by the both side populations’ to avail bus services. There is no other alternative way to cross busy road keeping their life in hands. You are kind enough to consider only one fly over near Meckri Circle infornt of Training Command IAF. Submitted.