Sting operation on MadMan shows he is a fraud

It seems I’m a cheat, folks. I supposedly pretend to be a “veteran blogger” when I’m not. Or at least so says Rohan Pinto in this brilliant piece of investigative journalism. (Read it at – I’m not giving my Google juice away.)
Mr. Pinto is shocked and outraged, as he well should be, that I have posts dated five years back. How on earth could this be possible when this darn domain was only registered in 2003? What’s worse, people are commenting on articles three years after they were written!
I think there is no doubt, ladies and gentlemen, that I have been cheating you all by pretending to have a blog for longer than I actually have. You would do well to totally disregard anything I write from now on, because the evidence for that is clear. There can be no other explanation at all.